About Us

This is our Venture into a healthier future. 
We are a family of 5 and originally just started growing organic vegetables for us and our family members, then it turned into friends and their families and we have grown from there. 

We are Certified Organic

AS6000 100% 

We can happily label these vegetables organic with no nasties whatsoever.
We use sustainable methods like cover crops and we turn all our vegetable waste back into the ground to create as much organic matter as possible. 
We use compost and some organically certified fertilisers.
We do not use any chemicals in the garden.
It is all hand weeded when necessary.

All orders must be placed by 3pm to receive your pick up order for that day.
All delivery orders must be placed by 2pm for that day. 
This ensures your veggies are the freshest they can be when you receive them. 
All Veggies are hand planted, hand grown and hand picked by us.